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Which digital investments are top priority? Where can the greatest added value be found? What will prove to be future-proof?


Which parts of the power grid are at highest risk of overload? Which investments must be made now, which can be postponed?


What is the best way for renewables to be integrated? Where is expansion necessary? Are today's planning methods still relevant?


Which processes can be automated? How can time be saved?




Adaptricity.Plan enables classic grid planning in the most user-friendly way. Plan your network from the ground up in no time, with Stress Test & Co.


With Adaptricity.Sim you create a digital replica of your grid performance. Data-driven simulations enable better integration of e-mobility and renewables.


With Adaptricity.Mon, you get a continuous overview of the condition of your grid in medium and low voltage - a SCADA-light, fully integrated with the Adaptricity platform.


What is the best way to take advantage of digitization? How do you take renewables and e-mobility into account in your grid planning goals? Adaptricity is an expert advisor for all your questions about grid planning and digitalization.



Adaptricity in the Free Electrons “Global Energy Program”

by admin

Adaptricity has been selected to the final 15 start ups in the Free Electrons Accelerator Program. 9 major utilities from across the globe (USA, Dubai, Australia, etc.) had invited the top 30 of 515 applicants from 65 countries to the Free Electrons Bootcamp in Lisbon. In an intense week, Adaptricity was able to convince the […]

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Using data analytics for more cost-effective grid planning

by admin

The energy transition is posing ever new challenges to electrical distribution grids. Peaks in electric load and generation peaks are calling for a change in today’s grid operation and planning behavior. Conventional grid upgrades, i.e., thicker power cables and bigger transformers, could technically solve the problem, but would result in dramatically increased grid maintenance […]

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4 Years of Adaptricity

by admin

It all started with the three founders Stephan Koch, Andreas Ulbig und Francesco Ferrucci. “The idea was to make the power grid of the new energy world more cost-effective and optimize grid planning and operation with data-driven tools”, says CEO Dr. Stephan Koch, when asked what their key vision was when the founded Adaptricity in […]

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Upcoming Events

Mainzer Netztagung 2019

21.05.2019 - 22.05.2019 | Mainz

The energy revolution and digitalization are causing a stir in network operations, and familiar ways of working are changing. More volatile grids, decentralized energy sources, smart meters and increasing e-mobility are just a few key words from the program of the Mainz Grid Conference on 21/22 May. For many years, the event has been an […]

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Asseco BERIT Forum 2019

21.05.2019 - 22.05.2019 | Lindau am Bodensee

The Asseco BERIT Forum is the meeting place for experts on the following topics Workforce Management Asset Management and GIS, as well as Processes and Portals. On Tuesday, May 21 at 2.15 pm, Fabian Krek, Head of Sales at Adaptricity AG, will hold a live demonstration and present the use of the Adaptricity.Sim platform for […]

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