Adaptricity Publications

The Adaptricity team regularly presents new insights from our on-going projects at renowned national and international technical conferences, thereby contributing to the innovation efforts within the utility sector. Please find a selection of corresponding publications below.


SCCER Mobility Annual Conference 2019, ETH Zurich
Poster: Toffanin, D.; Ulbig, A.; Stiasny, J.: Fragility of EV Grid Impact Assessment to Modelling and Control Choices
Presentation: Ulbig, A.: Grid Impact Assessment of E-Mobility

CIRED 2019, Madrid
Toffanin, D.; Ulbig, A.: Taming uncertainty in distribution grid planning – A scenario-based methodology for the analysis of impact of electric vehicles


SCCER FURIES Annual Conference 2018, EPFL Lausanne
Presentation: Ulbig, A.: Results of SoloGrid pilot project – Decentralized load management to increase the efficiency of local energy communities

CIRED 2018, Ljubljana
Stocker, N.; Ulbig, A.; Toffanin, D.: Results of the Sologrid Pilot Project – Decentralized Load Management to Increase the Efficiency of Local Energy Communities

VDE TEC Summit 2018 / ETG-CIRED-Workshop 2018, Berlin
Poster 1 – Toprak, D.; Ulbig, A.: Modellierung und Validierung von zeitreihenbasierten Verteilnetzsimulationen basierend auf heterogenen Messdaten
Poster 2 – Stocker, N.; Toffanin, D.; Ulbig, A.: Resultate aus dem SoloGrid-Pilotprojekt zur Analyse der Effektivität von GridSense, einer intelligenten, dezentralen Energiemanagementlösung
Poster 3 – Rullan, T.; Ulbig, A.: Optimierung der Verteilnetztopologie zur Erhöhung der PV-Integrationskapazität


Ulbig, A.; Koch, S.; Antonakopoulos, C.: Towards more cost-effective PV connection request assessments via time-series based grid simulation and analysis. Accepted for CIRED Conference, Glasgow, 12-15 June 2017

Ulbig, A.; Koch, S.; Antonakopoulos, C.: Kosteneffiziente Verteilnetzausbau dank zeitreihenbasierter Netzsimulationen. Proceedings of 4th OTTI conference (, Berlin, 31 January / 1 February 2017.


Gaillard, A.; Koch, S.: Solarer Eigenverbrauch – Finanzielle Auswirkungen von PV-Anlagen und PV/Batterie- Systemen auf Schweizer EVUs. VSE Bulletin, December 2016.

Ulbig, A.; Zufferey, T.; Rodríguez-Villalón, O.; Koch, S.: SFOE R&D Project, “SmartMetering – Optimized Distribution Grid Operation by Utilization of Smart Metering Data”. Final Project Report, October 2016.

EE News: Adaptricity: Release der SmartGrid-Simulationssoftware DPG.sim Academic. EE News Bulletin, October 2016.

Vogel, B.: Stromflüssen auf der Spur. VSE Bulletin, October 2016.

Ulbig, A.; Koch, S.; Ferrucci, F.: La simulation au service des réseaux. VSE Bulletin, May 2016.

Ulbig, A.; Rullan, T.; Koch, S.; Ferrucci, F.: Assessment of the Aggregated Impacts of Prosumer Behaviour. Proceedings of the CIRED Workshop, Helsinki, June 2016.

Ulbig, A; Cajoos, D.; Gasche, M.; Laeser, M. et al.: GridSense SoloGrid Pilot Project – Using Decentralized Artificial Intelligence for Making Distribution Grids Resilient. Proceedings of the CIRED Workshop, Helsinki, June 2016.

Ulbig, A.; Rullan, T.; Koch, S.; Ferrucci, F.: Aggregierte Netzauswirkungen durch individuelle Dispatch-Optimierungsentscheide auf Endkunden-Ebene. Proceedings of 3rd OTTI conference (, Berlin, 26-27 January 2016.


Koch, S.; Ferrucci, F., Ulbig, A., Koller, M.: Time-series simulations and assessment of smart grid planning options of distribution grids. Submitted to CIRED Conference, Lyon, June 2015.

Koch, S.; Ulbig, A.; Ferrucci, F.: Zeitreihenbasierte Netzsimulation und Bewertung von SmartGrid-Ausbauoptionen für Verteilnetze. Proceedings of 2nd OTTI conference (, Berlin, January 2015.


Koch, S.; Ulbig, A.; Ferrucci, F.: An innovative software platform for simulation and optimization of active distribution grids for DSOs and smartgrid researchers. Proceedings of CIRED Workshop, Rome, June 2014.

Koch, S.; Ulbig, A.; Ferrucci, F.: Eine innovative Simulationsumgebung für aktiv geführte Verteilnetze. Proceedings of 1st OTTI conference (, Berlin, January 2014.