The Flexible Platform for the Digital Distribution Grid

Which Product is the right one for your Grid Planning?

  • Adaptricity.Plan

    .Plan's focus: easy, user-friendly and efficient. Plan your grid from scratch and have the full support.

  • Adaptricity.Sim

    Adaptricity.Sim is a flexible grid planning and simulation platformthat enables time-series based simulations of active distribution grids.

  • Adaptricity.Mon

    .Mon facilitates the regular and accurate monitoring of grid states and the relevant grid capacity utilization at the low-voltage level.


  • DATA CLEANING: Upload of measurement time series for the slack node of the power flow model in your specific format including any invalid values. Clean the invalid values using customer specific cleaning methods and extrapolate the time series using a reference time series to match the entire simulation duration.
  • SMARTMETER DATA: Upload, view and filter SmartMeter Data and assign them to prosumer populations on the grid.

Use Cases: Adaptricity.Plan

Adaptricity.Plan enables highly automated, scalable grid analyses out of the box: Automate grid connection requests and identify likely grid hot spots across the entire grid. Easy to use and customizable to accelerate your internal processes. Get access and information here:

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Use Cases: Adaptricity.Sim

Adaptricity.Sim is tailored to the individual needs of Distribution System Operators. Our tools enable grid operators to automate repetitive tasks such as connection requests, perform in-depth, time-series based analyses of grid behavior across all voltage levels and evaluate effects of demand response, OLTCs and electric vehicles planning and operation. As a result, the intelligent simulation platform enables a range of applications in the areas of PV expansion, electromobility, demand- and supply-side management, data analysis and tariff design.

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Adaptricity.Monitoring merges lightweight SCADA and grid planning functionality down to household level. Real-time simulations with smart meter data and other grid measurements provide an intuitive dashboard of your current MV & LV behavior. Simulate tomorrow‘s behavior and preemptively eliminate congestion.

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Precise load analyses and the evaluation of ageing impacts for a variety of assets helps to ensure the most cost-effective and long-term operation of grid infrastructure.

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Adaptricity.Sim Academic

Adaptricity.Sim also offers the perfect test bed for researching new methods and algorithms related to smart grids. Our REST interface permits direct interaction with the simulation during any time step for the integration of your own control algorithms, forecast modules, optimization procedures and operating strategies. Thanks to the simple configuration of time series-based simulation scenarios, a great deal of effort can be saved in creating suitable test cases for use in smart grid research.

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