Greater Transparency in
the Distribution Grid


Due to an almost complete lack of measurement data, processes in the low-voltage grid are often unknown. This situation can be remedied by the extensive datasets offered by smart metering systems. At the moment, however, there is no standard tool for exploiting the extensive smart meter datasets for grid planning and operations, nor – in the case of partial rollouts – for plausibly augmenting this metering data with synthetic profiles.

Here, Adaptricity helps to achieve the profitable analysis of extensive smart metering datasets and other data records, and to close existing gaps in the data. Our software facilitates the regular and accurate monitoring of grid states and the relevant grid capacity utilization at the low-voltage level. At the same time, future grid behavior can also be simulated. This enables the early identification of critical grid states and the initiation of suitable courses of action.

Adaptricity develops an individual solution to match the customer’s exact needs, so as to productively manage and analyze the extensive data records. Potential project phases include:

  • Smart meter data analyses (use of existing data)
  • Continuous monitoring of voltage and grid loading
  • Identification of grid bottlenecks
  • Overview and prioritization of areas where action is needed (grid operations and planning)
  • Evaluation of countermeasures
  • Detailed one-year grid simulations and analysis of grid loading