Your Future with Adaptricity.Plan

Adaptricity.Plan is your starting point towards the intelligent planning of distribution grids. Today’s distribution grids are becoming increasingly complex in their structure and to plan them effectively you need an efficient tool. We give you the support you need with .Plan.

  • easy

    Adaptricity.Plan is a self-explanatory out-of-the-box solution immediately ready for operation. You don’t need to spend time on lengthy configuration processes or long training sessions.

  • Integrated

    Manage the grid model at one location: Your GIS. Interfaces ensure you always have access to the most current data. You can also automate grid connection requests directly in the GIS and run Adaptricity.Plan invisibly in the background.

  • State-of-the-art

    Thanks to cutting-edge Cloud technology, you can work from anywhere with the latest software. You profit from continuing advancements in technology and constant compliance with new regulatory requirements.

  • Videos
    only in German

    To explain the functions of Adaptricity.Plan we offer useful guidelines and videos on our website. Follow our videos here or on Youtube.

How to...

Evaluate the compliance of your connection request with DACHCZ or VDE AR-N in just 3 minutes
Grid Model

Our interfaces to other software systems such as GIS platforms enable you to directly import the current grid model. You can save technical parameters for your grid elements which are then used to make the model fit for evaluating connection requests. New interfaces are added constantly. A grid section can also be modelled directly in Adaptricity.Plan on request.

Configure the
connection request

Position the new system you want to connect in your grid and enter the required parameters. The software then navigates you through the steps in the relevant input fields, depending on the grid element you want to integrate. This process guarantees maximum process quality. If necessary, you can enter flicker and harmonic data to model the harmonic grid distortion of the system.

Evaluate and
the request

Once all the data has been systematically entered, one click is enough to evaluate all the criteria. You will be notified about problematic aspects and shown how the calculated value will be evaluated for all relevant data when compared to the limit value. You can print a report directly to document the connec- tion request evaluation in accordance with legal regula- tions and to provide it to other professional departments.

Your request in 3 pictures

Your Adaptricity Benefits at a Glance

  • Your expert partner

    Only a professional direct-sales consultant with technical experience can ensure your company receives comprehensive advice and guidance. With Adaptricity, we guarantee you will get the support you need. Our product development closely reflects market demands, and your requirements are integrated directly into future development.

  • Multi-Language

    Work in the language that you feel most comfortable with. The choice is yours because Adaptricity.Plan is designed for multi-language use. User interfaces and help texts are already available in German and English and new languages will be continually added. Support by phone is also available in Spanish, Italian and French.

  • compatible with Adaptricity.Sim and -.Mon

    Adaptricity.Plan is based on the same platform as Adaptricity.Sim and Adaptricity’s monitoring solution. You can upgrade to a time-series based analysis and planning method at any time, even during the current license period.

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Detailed Functions of Adaptricity.Plan

Adaptricity.Plan enables highly automated, scalable grid analyses out of the box: Automate grid connection requests and identify likely grid hot spots across the entire grid. Easy to use and customizable to accelerate your internal processes.

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Adaptricity.Sim is tailored to the individual needs of Distribution System Operators. Our tools enable grid operators to automate repetitive tasks such as connection requests, perform in-depth, time-series based analyses of grid behavior across all voltage levels and evaluate effects of demand response, OLTCs and electric vehicles planning and operation. As a result, the intelligent simulation platform enables a range of applications in the areas of PV expansion, electromobility, demand- and supply-side management, data analysis and tariff design.

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Adaptricity.Monitoring merges lightweight SCADA and grid planning functionality down to household level. Real-time simulations with smart meter data and other grid measurements provide an intuitive dashboard of your current MV & LV behavior. Simulate tomorrow‘s behavior and preemptively eliminate congestion.

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Precise load analyses and the evaluation of ageing impacts for a variety of assets helps to ensure the most cost-effective and long-term operation of grid infrastructure.

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Adaptricity.Sim Academic

Adaptricity.Sim also offers the perfect test bed for researching new methods and algorithms related to smart grids. Our REST interface permits direct interaction with the simulation during any time step for the integration of your own control algorithms, forecast modules, optimization procedures and operating strategies. Thanks to the simple configuration of time series-based simulation scenarios, a great deal of effort can be saved in creating suitable test cases for use in smart grid research.

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