Detailed Functions of Adaptricity.Plan


Evaluation of the connection request in compliance with DACHCZ regulations

Evaluate the connection requests for new consumers and generators conveniently and in accordance with the DACHCZ regulations (regulations in Switzerland to evaluate grid harmonics) regarding voltage fluctuations, flicker and harmonics. All the relevant data is entered into a clearly arranged interface and the calculations are then made. The in-depth evaluation enables a transparent insight into the calculation and complete documentation of the grid operator’s decision concerning the connection request.






Evaluation of the connection requestin compliance with DACHCZ regulations


Distribution grid operators in Germany are faced with new challenges since the connection regulations in accordance with VDE (German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) AR-N 4100, 4105 and 4110 for LV and MV connections were recently revised. The calculation principles for evaluating grid harmonics were completely revised and will soon be introduced by law. Our module helps you keep pace with new advancements and continue to evaluate your connection requests in a legal and efficient way and in a clearly-structured process.





Grid Integration Toolbox

Grid integration action planning


Is a new system overloading your distribution grid caused by impermissible harmonics? As a grid operator, you are obliged to take appropriate action or impose a restriction on the systems operator. Possible courses of action include limiting the active power of the system, provisions for idle power regulation, the use of a local grid transformer/voltage regulator or the conventional reinforcement of the grid.
The grid integration toolbox allows you to simply weigh up these options based on your specific requirements and identify the most technically feasible and economically viable alternative for you.





Stresstest Toolbox

Distribution grid stress test based on different load and generation scenarios

With our stress test toolbox, you can answer questions in a quick and comprehensive way based on the installed load and generation:

How close is an MV or LV grid to its limits?

How suitable is the grid’s strength to the tasks it performs?

How much intake capacity is available for the decentralised generation at specific grid nodes?
For this purpose, various metrics are then automatically calculated and presented on the grid topology in a transparent way.