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Adaptricity.Sim is a flexible grid planning and simulation platformthat enables time-series based simulations of active distribution grids. The cloud-based tool offers an impressive set of unique grid functions plus superb usability.

Data Integration with the BaseCase Assistant

A customer-specific simulation with Adaptricity.Sim can be set up in just a few steps. Using our one-of-a-kind BaseCase Assistant, you can create a base case simulation – e.g. the simulation of a low-voltage grid over a full year in 15-minute steps – in a matter of minutes.

We already support a wide variety of data formats and can supply specific data converters for proprietary formats if required.

ADDED VALUE: Compared with conventional grid planning, our methods offer entirely new insights into the distribution grid. The complete reconstruction of the grid state as a time series forms the basis for a wide variety of new applications.

Grid Model

Import the grid model directly from existing GIS systems or grid simulation tools.

Import Time Series for
Reference Nodes

Upload existing measurements from a reference node for the grid model (e.g. voltage and power measurement at a transformer).


Import existing smart meter data or time-series data from other measurement equipment.

Load Profile
Generation and

Integration of anonymized electricity consumption data in the grid area. Adaptricity.Sim generates stochastic load curves automatically and matches these to the measurement data.

BaseCase Scenario

Simulation of the base case (e.g. a simulated year in 15-minute steps) as the starting point for further grid analyses.

RESULT: A real-world simulation scenario for the respective distribution grid area in a defined time period of time – e.g. a reference year. The simulation is based on grid measurements and other data available from the grid. Even if datasets are incomplete, we put the available data to the best-possible use.

Features & Customer Benefits

Adaptricity.Sim offers a unique feature set for helping to implement the intelligent power system of the future.

  • Evaluation of connection requests for new installations in terms of their real-world impact on the grid. Thanks to our methods, rules-of-thumb are avoided that lead to excessive grid expansion requirements.

  • Simulation of a wide range of potential grid reinforcement variants, including smart grid technologies: you can then pick the best option from a technical and business perspective.

  • Simulation of long-term developments due to the Energy Transition (e.g. market penetration of e-mobility, PV and heat pump retrofits) in a scenario-based approach.

  • Simulation of decentralized mechanisms such as self-consumption controllers and price-driven demand-side management in terms of grid impact.

  • Evaluation of the impact of new tariff structures on the electricity bill for individual end-customers and the grid operator's grid usage fee revenues.

  • Execution of parallel simulations, automatic control of the simulation thanks to our web interface, plus individual reporting functions.


  • DATA CLEANING: Upload of measurement time series for the slack node of the power flow model in your specific format including any invalid values. Clean the invalid values using customer specific cleaning methods and extrapolate the time series using a reference time series to match the entire simulation duration.
  • SMARTMETER DATA: Upload, view and filter SmartMeter Data and assign them to prosumer populations on the grid.


Adaptricity.Plan enables highly automated, scalable grid analyses out of the box: Automate grid connection requests and identify likely grid hot spots across the entire grid. Easy to use and customizable to accelerate your internal processes.

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Adaptricity.Monitoring merges lightweight SCADA and grid planning functionality down to household level. Real-time simulations with smart meter data and other grid measurements provide an intuitive dashboard of your current MV & LV behavior. Simulate tomorrow‘s behavior and preemptively eliminate congestion.

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Precise load analyses and the evaluation of ageing impacts for a variety of assets helps to ensure the most cost-effective and long-term operation of grid infrastructure.

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Adaptricity.Sim Academic

Adaptricity.Sim also offers the perfect test bed for researching new methods and algorithms related to smart grids. Our REST interface permits direct interaction with the simulation during any time step for the integration of your own control algorithms, forecast modules, optimization procedures and operating strategies. Thanks to the simple configuration of time series-based simulation scenarios, a great deal of effort can be saved in creating suitable test cases for use in smart grid research.

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